About Us

About Us

Beijing DuoMiLai Garments & Attire Co., Ltd. established in 1995, has 23 years of history. We have own brand Checkedout, specializing in the production of high -grade chef clothes and related products. In domestic, we have more than 300 exclusive shop and more than 200 agents at present, sales outlets throughout the major capital cities, the Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Shangri-La and other top five-star hotels for a long-term partner. The company is actively developing overseas markets, export countries involved in Middle East, Southeast Asia, United States and Europe. From 2010, the company formally involved in the field of electronic commerce, launched the network sales, covering all urban markets across the country by online sales. At the same time, we achieve the ranking first high-grade chef uniforms both the network sales and physical stores sales.

1. The persistent study in designs and skills has made our styles and models more humanized and functional. The stereoscopic cut and scientific model not only make you feel comfortable and fashionable, but also bring enthusiasm towards your work.

2. Its professional production, brand operation and huge output are what other clothing enterprises cannot complete. Because of the huge order quantity, we have been cooperating tightly with domestic and foreign famous producers of fabric, which ensures the fabric contains high volume of cotton with softness, air-permeability, sweat absorption, no pilling and no shirking... At the same time, we low the price, so Checkedout chef clothes possess a geat price and product quality advantage to help you broaden your market.

3.Our Culture: Garments show a person’s spiritual outlook and an enterprise’s cultural foundation. It can also inspire the staff’s self -confidence and work ethic.

No happy staff, no happy customers.

Create a colorful and happy kitchen.

We advocate “ enjoy your work”.