Accepting OEM & Agency

Accepting OEM & Agency

We are a powerful factory to produce chef’s clothing, which offer not only stock items, but also we are accepting cooperating company including agents or OEM orders.

1. Why we have the capability to accept the OEM order?

A great amount of fabric in stock with competitive price! Different with those custom - made garments factory, we are professional factory to make Chef Garments. We have Long-term suppliers of raw material, and our fabric stock ability can meet your different needs of OEM requirements.

Safety! We are honored to get the Government’s strongly support, and our products are National Free-inspection Product. Besides, our Quality Control Department strictly inspects the material we use. Both of which can quarantine the fabric’s color fastness and dimensional stability to washing.

2. What’s the quantity to make an OEM order?

Generally, we start from a roll of fabrics for one color one type. According to the cooperation with our material suppliers, and our staff’s Launch cost, the MOQ of each style clothing might be as below:

Chef coats: 5,000pcs per color per style

Chef pants: 5,000pcs per color per style

Chef Aprons: 5,000pcs per color per style

3. Why we cannot offer the accurate price before we check your sample clothing of what you want to make?

We are a company to save you even a penny for the products. It needs several departments to cooperate together to work out the accurate price. So we are highly appreciated if you can offer us the product information as much detail as you can.

4. To get an accurate price, what information you might offer?

4. 1, please send as the sample clothing of the product, our R & D Development will make the samples by our fabric. On the one side, our designers work out the Clothes material rate, thus to work out the accurate price together with other departments. On the other side, we make sure that our products will totally the same with your requirements.

4. 2, to confirm what’s the fabric of your products. We have various kinds of fabric to meet your different needs. Just please choose our existed fabric as below:

4. 3, Please offer the Garment’s Diagram in detail which to show the accurate measurement standard.
At last, please let us know the total quantity of your require.

5. What's the garments diagram like?

Please give us your drawing diagram to us to see the craftwork and also please let us know the detail measurement. This below picture is our craftwork.




6. What's fabric material available? And the detail ingredient?

A 12060: Unequal twill, T65/C35, Density: 120*60, Yarn Count: 20*16, GSM: 230g
B 28 polyester: Twill, T65/C35, Density: 124*65, Yarn Count: 28*28, GSM: 155g
C 14268 (13871): Reversible twill, T65/C35, Density: 138*71, Yarn Count: 45/2*21, GSM: 235g
D 10858: Unequal twill, T80/C20, Density: 108*58, Yarn Count: 21*21, GSM: 195g
E T3197: Combing, T65/C35, Density: 129*68, Yarn Count: 33*33, GSM: 146g
F T2154: Combing, T65/C35, Density: 94*60,   Yarn Count: 20*20, GSM:: 200g
G 1134: Combing, T65/C35, Density: 80*54,   Yarn Count: 14*14, GSM:: 245g
J Xi Wen Ni: 100% polyester, 100DFDr*750DPor.
K Qing Shuang Ni: TR T80/R20, Density: 32*32,  Yarn Count:140*76
L Ya Ni: T/R T65/C35,
M Sanding Contton: 100% Cotton, 235g
N Xie Wen Ni:
100% polyester
Q Printing Cotton
100% Cotton, 235g
H Yarn dyed fabric: T85/R15, (Chef Grid 85)

100% polyester


100% polyester

T65/R35, Density: 140*90, Yarn Count: 45*45, GSM: 106g


7. What Colors we have?

Please take refference below color chart