Apron, a Cultural Symbol of the Zang Nationality


2015-04-09 Apron, a Cultural Symbol of the Zang Nationality

As is known that China is a multinational country, where there are 56 nationalities, and Zang is one of them. There are many customs and special cultures among Zang people, and wearing apron is one of them.

Apron is a daily article that most Zang women loved. It is made up of colored yak hair, with red, green, blue, orange, purple and white weaved in a regular way. While in the sunshine, it looks like a moving bar in waves. It is not only a cloth that protects the cloth from being dirty, but also a symbol of their reputation. At the very beginning, only those married women can wear the apron, as time went by, the singles can wear too. In the traditional festivals, women wear apron, singing and dancing, seems like the clusters of moving flower, shining but beautiful.

The apron can be categorized into different types according to different standards. According to the length and shapes of the apron, it includes medium length apron, short apron, trapezoid apron, shoulder strap apron, waist apron, etc. According to the use of the apron, there are chef apron and kitchen apron . It is obvious that the invention of new aprons is stimulated by the demands of the market. With the development of society, the functions of apron has changed to a decoration, rather than an initially kitchen staff. As for kid aprons, there are both circle, square, or rectangle shapes, where different pictures are printed, mostly the cartoon images, such as the doraemon, snoopy and the two bears, etc. with bright colors or contrast colors to attract the eyeball of the kids among others.

While the function of the apron has changed as time went by, its main function has maintained, that is protecting the cloth from bring dirty while doing housework. Therefore, the largest market for apron is also the housewives. To meet the demand of both useful and beautiful, there is apron with miniskirt design. That is a rather new innovative design that housewives can wear it as a mini coat even to the outside. It has caught the eyeball of the women as it is on sale. Keeping pace with the demand and development of the society is the key to maintain the success. However, just focusing on the market is not enough; it is practical to make best use of the cultural meaning of the apron to attract the attention of tourists, especially the foreigners.

By discovering new market and making use of cultural symbol, the apron can be remembered not only as a daily staff, but also a cultural carrier.