The Interesting Story About Chef Hat


2015-04-16 The Interesting Story About Chef Hat

There is no doubt that, as for chef uniform, it should be made of selected fabrics, which is based as the cooks hot working environment to determine the direction of research and development. So it is very necessary to create with the well-known textile enterprises to jointly develop exclusive custom chef wear, which is made of special and quick drying and wicking fabric. Whats more, we should used fine ventilation technology.

Speaking of chef hat, it is a kinds of hats that chefs often wear. Chef Caps supplier can provide us with all kinds of chef caps. As all of us know, cooks in all countries around the world, when they are working, may wear the coats which may not be consistent. But the hat is always the same. There is no doubt that they are all white hats. Wearing this kind of hat, while operation, it is very useful to be beneficial to health. That is because it can avoid the chef's hair or even dandruff falling into the dish. But on the other hand, the first chef who wears the hat does not focus on dish health,  but as a sign.

As for the origin of Chef hat, according to the information recorded, in France, at the end of eighteenth Century, in a large restaurant in Paris, there was a famous chef named Antoine Clem. Antoine was born with very humorous. One day, he saw a customer wearing a white tall hat. He felt it was  very chic. So he also made one. And let his hat higher than the hat of the customer. He put on his hat in and out, which attracted peoples attention and it was very amusing. At that time customers kept coming in a throng.

chefs who came from some of the other hotels, restaurant heard and followed the suit. They also wore a high hat to treat the hospitality business. Over time, high white hat became chefs decorations. Chef hats manufacturer came into the market.

The thing which was even more interesting was that the relevant departments had also developed a hat standard. To be specific, according to technical level of the cook and the length of service, they respectively specified level of hat worn by chefs. As a result, people can know the chef's cooking level as soon as people look at a hat. The higher the hat is, the better skill the chef has.

There is no doubt that in nowadays, High quality Chef Caps and High quality peaked caps can be very popular with chefs.