Brief Introduction and Knowledge of Various Kinds of Aprons


2015-04-21 Brief Introduction and Knowledge of Various Kinds of Aprons
Throughout the world, we can see plenty of inventions, big or small, and they show the great intelligence of human kind. For instance, our ancestors exchanged one commodity for another, which was called barter. At the very beginning, goats, chickens, sheep, and rabbits were offered for barter. With time passing by, the exchanges gradually became gold, silver, jade and bronze which were of more value. However, barter was still a very inefficient way of business. And finally people made money and it marked the beginning of a new era in human history. Money is just a small example of the great human intelligence and there are other numerous inventions. Today we're going to say something about another small invention: apron.

Apron, made of cloth, rubber, non-woven fabrics or some other material, aims at stopping the dirty things. Household aprons are always of cotton and silk materials, for that such kinds of aprons are easy to clean, soft and hygienic. And we usually call them kitchen aprons. Actually, the apron was first used and popularized among the married women in Tibetan area in China and it became a symbol of them. They often wore short aprons around their waist and celebrated festivals. It later became even more popular among the young girls.

And this is one reason why we can find plenty of apron designs in the market nowadays. Now we talk a little about different designs and styles. We can see many chef aprons in the food programs: Aprons with Miniskirt Design, Short aprons, Medium Length aprons, V-neck aprons, Long Jumpsuit aprons, Shoulder Strap aprons and so on. While suppliers provide people with various styles, they also develop Contrast Colour Aprons. Both men and women wear aprons of bright colors.

Whether you know it or not, there exists a romantic story of the apron. Long time ago, there was an orphan and he lived alone, named Zhang. One day in the fields, he encountered a white dog, almost frozen to death. So he took it back home and fed it and then the strange things happened. For several times he got back home at noon, there was delicious dished ready on the table. He was deeply confused because he asked all his neighbors but nobody knew it.

And one day he went back before noon, intending to figure out the truth. He open a crack of the door and found a young beautiful lady cooking and the lady noticed his back. Just at the moment, the girl grabbed a white dog skin and put it on. Zhang then realized that the young girl was just the white dog he brought back. The second day, Zhang went back early again on purpose. He managed to snatch the skin and asked the girl “ Who are you? ” Finally, truth turned out that the dog was a goblin and she was moved by Zhang's diligence and hard-working. She wanted to help him and took care of him. Therefore, she prepared excellent delicacies every day. Zhang then asked her whether she could to stay as a human, not a dog, and be his wife. The girl nodded but want to put on the skin to keep warm. For fear of her leaving, Zhang didn't pass it to her but cut a piece off the skin. The girl tied it around her waist and ever since then, they lived a happy life.

This is just a fairy tale maybe, but anyway, it somewhat reflects people's aspirations of life. And probably that is why aprons can be passed down century by century. Today it is a small piece of general instruction of aprons and later on we will talk about more about the details of apron structures.