A loyalty choice to "checkedout" for chef


2015-05-13 A loyalty choice to "checkedout" for chef

Usually, we always see chef with white closes on their body, and sometimes, we also judge their profession according to their dressing. But now, I ask you a question that “do you know about chef's closes”. Now, let me have a brief introduction.   In the aspect of introducing chef's closes in china, I do have to talk about Beijing meters to clothing accessories co. LTD. It was found in 1994, and its core competence is checkedout which is a independent brand in the company. It specializes in making high-grade chef's closing and related products, for example, apron with adjustable buckle.double-breasted chef coat, white sleeves chef Jacket, cool vent chef coat, classic short women shirt, french dropping shoulder chef coat, male long sleeve shirt, high quality chef caps, high quality peaked caps, chef caps supplier, large brimmed cap, japanese style chef coat, unisex pullovers shirt, and so on.   The quality of chef closing is very high. Material is based on high temperature working environment, with the direction of customs basic need, meters company developed quick-drying and moisture-absorped fabrics with well-known enterprises. According to the principle of human body engineering, checkedout applies breathable technology to the alar and back of body which is easy to sweat, then, it uses breathable mesh fabric and breathable line hole which can quickly discharge sweat and moisture to ensure chef closing comfortable. With high quality, chef closing always receives a popular recognition.   Nowadays, there are more than twenty stories and thirty agents in domestic, these sales outlets grow in main capital cities. Five-star hotels, grand hyatt, park hyatt, shangri-la ect, all of them have a long term relation with Meter's company. What is more, the company actively expand overseas market, the export business can reach as far away as Middle East, Southwest Asia, the United States and Europe. You can login in their website to search related data, the amount of export is very large.  Since 2010, the company officially involved in e-commerce, processing online sales business, it covers all cities in china through online sales. Now, the company obtains No.1 in chef's closing markets not only in store sales but also in online sales. Now, you have captured a probably understanding about Meters company, if you are a chef whatever in domestic or foreign, maybe you can have a try in choosing checkedout closing, it can give you a different feeling and ensure your satisfaction.