Checkedout, a Better Reason for being a Chef


2015-06-19 Checkedout, a Better Reason for being a Chef
Chef is an honorable career, but the job itself is hard and tough, especially the clothes that the chef wears. It is easier to got oil stains on the coat while cooking even wearing an apron. And the conditions where chef works are in high temperature and mugginess, therefore, there is more sweat than others for chef. Hence, choosing a suitable coat for the chef is necessary and useful. And now, there is such a kind of coat that the chefs are needed that is the ckeckedout chef coats.
The reasons why checkedout chef coat is better than traditional ones are as follows. First, the former shares a higher capability of breath, hygroscopic, and perspiration compared with the traditional coat. Second, the checkedout chef coat is dirt-proof and easy-washing due to its close texture. Third, it is in high washability. According to the experiment, after washing 100 times, the cloth can not get softer or thinner, not even to be broken. Besides, the shape and size of the coat can be kept after washing that is there is not the problem of fading or shrinking. It is really good news for our chefs.
Why does the checkedout chef coat share such advantages? There are two main reasons. First lies in the choosing of raw materials. It chooses cloth based on the special working conditions of chefs. After choosing the cloth that is suitable, cooperating with qualified textile companies, to develop and explore a new cloth that is dirty-proof and high-temperature. Second, based on the Human Engineering Theory, the easy-breathing technology has been used in the most sweating parts of the body, such as axilla and the back, using vent leno and line, to leave the sweat and moisture out. All those methods mentioned above are only to make sure that the coat is comfortable to wear.
There are different categories of chef coats to meet different demands and tastes of customers, such as the double-breasted chef coat, white sleeves chef jacket, cool vent chef coat, Japanese style chef coat and French dropping shoulder chef coat, etc. To better protect the chef while cooking, a series of accessories have been made, such as the apron with adjustable buckle, triangular scarf, summer shoe, long sleeve shirt or classic short women shirt and high quality chef cap, etc.
With the improvement of coat-making method process, being a chef is more pleasure and appreciation.