Checkedout Always Puts Heart to Chef Clothing Production


2015-07-17 Checkedout Always Puts Heart to Chef Clothing Production

Chef is a good job which can make all kinds of delicious food for people. While cooking, chefs wear chef uniform to keep clean and sanitary. Nowadays the chef uniform becomes more and more professional and people design and produce different kinds of clothes for chef cooking. Many companies specialize in making the chef clothes.

One excellent company of them is checkedout. It is founded in 1994 with a history of 18 years. The company has been specializing in the production of high-grade chef clothing and related products, and it is the only domestic company that treats chef's clothing as the haunt costume. At present it has more than 20 stores and 30 agents, and its sales outlets cover many major cities. Many outstanding five-star hotels are its long-term partner. It actively expands overseas markets, and export production as far as the Middle East, southeast Asia, the United States and Europe. Since 2010, the company officially involved in e-commerce, online sales business, through online sales covering all cities in China market. It becomes the top high-grade chef clothing brand in domestic.

There are various of chef clothing produced in the company. The apron with adjustable buckle is the most basic uniform among these. Male long sleeve shirt and clasic short women shirt are good production used for different people. Double-breasted chef coat, White sleeves chef Jacket, cool vent chef coat, Women Chef Coats, French dropping shoulder chef coat and Japanese style chef coat are also those that chef can frequently used while working. While it is cold, there is also unisex pullovers shirt to keep warm. Checkedout also provides high quality chef caps, such as high quality peaked caps, large brimmed cap and so on. It is one of the best chef hats manufacturer, and the brimmed cap export to many other countries. Therefore checkedout becomes a famous triangular scarf supplier, summer shoe supplier , chef caps supplier and long sleeve supplier in the world.

First the clothes in the company are made of the unique quick-drying fabric. While choosing the clothes material, they take the hot working environment with high temperature into consideration. In this way they determine the direction of research and development. With well-known textile enterprises together, they exclusively develop the chef custom which is quick-drying and sweat absorption. Secondly it uses fine technology that makes clothes breathable. According to the principle of human body engineering, they use the technology of breathable in the part of underarm, back and other parts that are not easy to ventilate. It uses breathable mesh fabric, breathable line hole to get sweat and moisture out quickly. This can ensure comfortable for chef while cooking.