Choose Checkedout, Choose International and Comfortable


2015-07-29 Choose Checkedout, Choose International and Comfortable

A professional cook needs a comfortable chef uniform. A comfy coat comes from Checkedout. Checkedout chef uniform integrates various design elements which comes from every country. It is a well-known brand at home and abroad which can satisfy chefs as well as customers. As we all known, the chef needs to work in a high temperature kitchen apron  all day which makes the texture of cloth more significant. A doesn't breathe coat makes the chef depressed. Under this circumstance, no one can insure the quality and taste of the food. According to the principle of human body engineering, Checkedout chef uniform applies ventilation technology to insure the parts which easy to sweat like underarm and back keep ventilation. It uses breathable mesh and air hole to release the sweat and moisture quickly which ensure the comfort of the chef. Thus chefs do not need to worry about working in the hot environment. Chefs need to work in a terrible working condition that hot in summer and cold in winter. Poor working conditions make it possible for chefs to suffer occupational diseases. That is one of the reasons why many people are not willing to engage in cooking service. Wearing the cool vent chef coat made in Checkedout, the waterproof and breathable material make cooks work easier and better. The cloth material is also a bright point. On account of the stuffy kitchen, Checkedout and leading textile enterprises have jointly developed a unique fabric. This fabric is soft, breathable and hygroscopic. It is an amazing fabric which can release the sweat in a short time. All of the Checkedout products like cool vent chef coat, Male long sleeve shirt, triangular scarf and caps are all made by its fabric. Shoes are of great significance to chefs. Checkedout has its own Summer Shoe supplier which can provide world-class quality shoes for chefs. Wearing comfortable and breathable shoes allows cooks move easier in kitchen. Shoes are more durable because of the special construction and design. This high quality shoes also prevent cooks from the dirty environment. Dress neatly and appropriately shows your respect for profession. Wearing a double-breasted chef coat matching with a high quality peaked caps makes you sharp and professional. In consideration of the different shapes and sizes of male and female, Checkedout supplies different uniform specification. A beautiful cook can choose a women chef coats which a handsome boy can pick Japanese style chef coat to show his neatness. The fashionable and humanized design of Checkedout uniform makes chefs work in a high efficiency. Choose Checkedout means choose International, comfortable and fashionable.